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“The Wild Tour”

Duration– 06 nights / 07 days

Route – Airport / Colombo / Udawalawa / Yala / Unawatuna / Galle / Benthota / AirPort

Day 01 | Arrival Transfer to Colombo (Sightseeing in Colombo) Overnight Colombo

Day 02 | Colombo / Udawalawa (pm Safari at Udawalawa National park) Overnight Embilipitiya

Day 03 | Colombo / Udawalawa (pm Safari at Udawalawa National park) Overnight Embilipitiya

Day 04 | Yala (Full day Safari at Yala National Park) Overnight Yala


Day 05 | Yala-Bentota (am Safari at Bundala National Park) Overnight Bentota


Day 06 | Yala-Bentota (am Safari at Bundala National Park) Overnight Bentota

Day 07 | Bentota/Airport (Proceed to airport for departure)

"Udawalawe National Park"

Situated 170 km. South East of Colombo the UdaWalawe National Park is approximately 30,821 hectares in extent. This Park which lies within the Ratnapura and Monaragala Districts acts as the catchment to the UdaWalawe Reservoir and is located in the Dry Zone. This Park comprises grasslands and thorn scrubs and many valuable species of trees are found within it. Large herds of Elephants and Deer species such as spotted Deer, Sambhur, Barking deer and Langur, Wild Boar, Water Buffalo, Jackal are some of the prominent wild animals found in this Park and a variety of avifauna is seen.

"Yala (Ruhuna) National Park"

While the elephant is undoubtedly the best known attraction at Yala, Seen in small and large herds, what is the most appealing here is the overall mood of the undisturbed jungle. Large herds of spotted Deer are seen all over the Park, as are many Sambhur, and for those who are sharp eyed to observe, many of the endemocMuntjac or Barking Deer. Monkeys-the pinkish Rhesus and the grey faced Langur Monkey, live and play on the tree-tops and the ground below. Wild Buffalo and Wild Boar could give you a good surprise and a great picture, while sight of a leopard sunning itself or drinking at a water hole could be a memorable experience, As dusk gathers, there is every chance of seeing the Ceylon Sloth Bear scampering with its young on it back. the progress of your vehicle could be held up by a Python across the track, and near the many waterholes will bee found whole colonies of Crocodiles.

The Peacock is easily the most famous of the birds at Yala. The mating dance of the male, with its colourful plumes fully spread, is a photographer’s delight. While the Peacock has its fame, there are also many other species which attract those who are interested in bird life, and add to the mood and feel of nature. The Painted stork, many varieties of heron, the poon bill, the bee-eater, many colourful parrots and parakeets, the horn bill, kingfisher and wood-pecker and hoopoe are all birds that can be seen by the observant in the jungles of Sri Lanka. Situated 309 km. south of Colombo, Yala is approximately 1,259 in extent and is located in the south eastern corner of the island. Its northern boundaries border on the Lahugala Elephant Sanctuary and it has the added bonus of a scenic ocean frontage. The terrain is varied flat plains alternating with rocky outcrops. The vegetation ranges from open parkland to dense jungle. Water holes, small lakes, lagoons and streams provide water for the animals and birds. The specialty here is the large numbers of elephants.


Closer to Galle, is a beach resort popular with tourist as well as local travellers, its provide the beach facility Galle lacks. Hotels , guesthouses, and restaurants line the beach road amid lush green vegetation. A fine reef for snorkeling. Placid deep blue sea, frequented by turtles who came here to lay their eggs by night.


Galle is the most important southern town with and old-world charm. Believed to be ” tar shish” of the bible, its natural harbour was a famous fort in days gone by. Famous for its Dutch fort, lace-making, ebony carving and gem polishing.


Bentota Resort complex in a romantic rendezvous of river and sea with several hotels, railway station, post offices, shopping arcade, cafeteria and open air-theatre showing folk and mask dancing – with clusters of palms overlooking everything. Interesting boat trips to the hamlets bordering the river and the Meethiyagoda moonstone mines nearby. Most hotels have facilities for water sports.

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries."

                                                                                                    – Aldous Huxley

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