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Special Leopard Trail Tour

Special Tours Make Your Days Special......

Spice Garden
Tea Factory
Worlds end
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Yala 03
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Madhu River Kirala
Madhu River Fish Therapy
Madhu River Collage
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Nuwara Eliya
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Day 01 | Kandy


Arrive at Colombo International Airport met and received by Seemax Travels & Tours representative and transferred to hotel in Kandy.

Kandy was the last kingdom to fall into the hands of the British in the year 1815. The last king of Sri Lanka (Then Ceylon) King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe was captured by the British and taken to India where he was sent into exile on one of the deserted islands. Although Kandy was invaded by the Portuguese and the Dutch who ruled over Sri Lanka before the British, they were never able to retain it and were forced to retreat. Even the British were not capable of capturing Kandy, but it was finally ceded to them by the Chieftains of Kandy who were disappointed over the king’s cruel deeds. Today Kandy is one of the most visited cities due to the presence of the famous Temple of the Tooth Relic of the Buddha and also owing its beauty enhanced by the Kandy Lake.
Visits en route


Elephant Orphanage

This unique concept of caring for elephants is the first of its kind. This institute initiated in1975 as an orphanage for three baby elephants found helpless in the wilderness, is today a foster home to a about 60 elephants. Here a special elephant hospital is maintained for the inmates as well as for elephants owned privately. Any elephant big or small, found helpless in the forest are welcomed by the inmates of Pinnawala Orphanage. This is where the elephants are never put into commercial use, but Fed, Bathed and Pampered all their life. They play mate and breed here which is the reason for increase in number. Although one of the first babies brought in is now a Grandma, the name of the institute still remains The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Spice Garden

Sri Lanka has been world renown for quality tropical spices even from the BC times. The pioneer seafaring traders made long and risky voyages to Sri Lanka (then known as Tambapani, Taprobane, Ceylon and many other names) for the purpose of collecting the precious merchandise. Visit a spice garden where spices and herbs used for Sri Lankan cuisine and medication are grown and see for your self the trees, creepers and plants that produce the spices that you use back at home. Spice Garden.
Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Kandy

Day 02 | Nuwara Eliya


Breakfast at hotel; proceed to Nuwara Eliya
Visits en route
Tea Factory
View Waterfalls
Pm Sightseeing in Nuwara Eliya

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Day 03 | Yala


Breakfast at hotel; proceed to Yala
En route view Ella Gap and Rawana Falls
Pm Safari at Yala National Park

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Yala

Day 04 | Yala


Collect picnic breakfast pack from hotel, proceed on Safari.
Full day Safari at Yala National Park
Pm at leisure…….

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Yala

Day 05 | Yala


Collect picnic breakfast pack from hotel, proceed on Safari.
Half day Safari at Yala National Park
Pm visit Katharagama Temple


Katharagama Temple

Katharagama is a village in the South east of the island and the Temple of Katharagama is one of the most revered by both Buddhist and Hindus. The Temple dedicated to Skanda the youthful and fiery God of War. The temple of Katharagama depicts religious and cultural aspects of both Buddhists and Hindus making it a shrine that is much visited and worshiped at. Devotees are of great faith that favours asked from God Skanda never go un heard or un answered. The annual festival and pageant which highlights Fire Walking and other rituals of mortification only takes second place to the world famous Dalanda Perahera in Kandy.

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Yala

Day 06 | Yala


Collect picnic breakfast pack from hotel, proceed on Safari.
Full day Safari at Yala National Park
Pm at leisure…….

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Yala

Day 07 | Yala


Breakfast at hotel; visit Kirinda Temple

Kirinda Temple

This Beautiful Temple sitting on a granite outcrop overlooking the sea is of great historical significance as it marks the spot where a princess who was set to drift into the sea in a golden boat as a human sacrifice safely landed ashore.

Her father who ruled from Keleniya (Outskirts of Colombo) believed that the inundation of ocean that caused immense destruction to his kingdom was the wrath of gods for his crime of cruelly assassinating a Buddhist Monk over a dispute.

So he was advised to sacrifice his daughter as atonement and he did so. However the boat landed safely in the kingdom of Ruhuna and the princess was wedded by the prince of the kingdom. On becoming queen she erected many temples throughout the island and was named Vihara Mahadevi which meaning Great Queen of Temples.
Pm Half day safari at Yala National Park

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Yala

Day 08 | Bentota


Breakfast at hotel; leave for Southern Beach resort
Visits and events en route


Galle / Galle Fortress

The Western Colonial influences began with the Portuguese landing in the bay of Galle in 1505. It was in the year 1580 that they built a fortress in Galle and it was of mud and palm tree trunks and called it Santa Cruze.

The Dutch who succeed them fortified the fortress with strong ramparts that could withstand even cannon shelling. They also set up an infrastructure to facilitate living conditions within the fort. The British who took over from the Dutch made a few changes to the fort by modifying the entrances and even erecting a Light House within.

On visiting the existing fortress, one will observe that it is a city within a city as it has shrines of all the leading faiths, Post office, a Court house, Banks, Hotels and even a Filling Station. One will also notice the presence of many buildings of ancient Dutch architecture including the very first Protestant Church to be built on the island.

To walk on the ramparts and watch an amazing sunset is indeed a rewarding experience.


Madu River Boat Safari

A Boat Safari in the Madu River is an event that will undoubtedly surprise you.
This Safari that takes you through the mangroves and suddenly opens into a vast lake with sixty four islands will reveal to you the lifestyle of a community that live from the lake. Their mode of transport being a basic canoe and their main occupation fishing in the lake, you will learn of their primitive techniques of prawn trapping and fishing.
One of the islands has an ancient temple and even the monks use a canoe to reach the main land.


Turtle Hatchery

The southern coast of Sri Lanka has been a breeding ground to turtles from ages beyond record and five species of turtles frequent the Southern shores of the island to lay their eggs in shallow holes that they dig on the beaches and cover them with sand to be incubated by the heat of the sun.
Since turtle eggs are consumed by human causing the turtles to be a highly endangered species that is headed towards extension, projects have been launched to protect them and to support increase their population.
These projects buy up the turtle eggs before they reach the market and hatch them the natural way in safely enclosed areas. In the natural way the baby turtles take to the sea the very first day and id day light where they are often fall prey to birds.
But at these conservations the baby turtles are let into the sea on the second day when they are stronger and also at night time where they have a better chance of survival.
A visitor has the opportunity of observing the process of incubation, and also to see adult turtles of different species.

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Bentota

Day 09 | Bentota


Breakfast at Hotel;
Full day at leisure on the beaches of Bentota


Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Bentota

Day 10 | Bentota


Breakfast at Hotel;
Full day at leisure on the beaches of Bentota

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Bentota

Day 11  | Colombo


Breakfast at Hotel; leaved for Colombo
Pm Sightseeing a n Shopping in Colombo

Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Bentota

Day 12 | Departure


Breakfast at Hotel; proceed to airport for departure

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”                                                                                                                                                – Ibn Battuta

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